More about me

My career in Financial Services began in 1982. During my 30 years in the industry, I have worked for some of the world's largest and smallest investment companies including Schroders, Henderson, Abbey Unit Trust Managers, Fidelity and Premier Asset Management. For 7 years of my career I have operated at Chief Executive level.Simon Weldon

I am a full Member of the Institute of Directors, and a member of the Personal Finance Society by Diploma.

Although Weldons is a small business, I am a member of Sense Network Limited, which oversees all of the advice and on-going services I provide my clients. Sense Network Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Not all advisers can call themselves Independent Financial Advisers, but I can. This means I offer truly independent advice and you will never be shoe-horned into a product or service from a restricted list. I only recommend products and services based on a comprehensive and fair analysis of the relevant market, and based on your individual needs and objectives.


Simon Weldon, MIoD, DipPFS
Independent Financial Adviser