About YOU

Many people contact an adviser because they have an ambition, a goal, or something they are aiming towards.  It can be anything that is driving you on and certainly isn't limited to the above ideas.  People also contact an adviser because they are confused and don't understand where they are financially or what they can do to make sure they are on track to realise their ambitions.  Some contact an adviser simply for reassurance in what might be difficult personal financial circumstances.

So financial planning isn't about ISAs, Pensions or Bonds.  These are simply some of the tools at the adviser's disposal in order to deliver YOUR LIFESTYLE GOALS, whatever they may be.  Financial planning is all about YOU.


YOUR lifestyle goals
Financial planning is about YOU - reaching YOUR lifestyle goals
About me

Weldons is my advice practice.  Everything I do for my clients is driven by my personal ethics and principles.  But unless we've already met, you know nothing about me, so please let me tell you something about myself.

I'm married to Debs and we live in Fleet, Hampshire where Debs was born, and where I've lived for over 30 years.  Some other facts about me:

  • 4 children - 2 are still living at home and no matter how difficult I make things for them, they just won't leave!
  • 3 saxophones - all of which I play strictly as an amateur
  • 2 motorbikes - a sensible Yamaha FJR1300, and a less than sensible Triumph Rocket
  • 1 faith - I'm a member of the local multi-denomination Church on the Heath‚Äč

If you're interested in my career history and qualifications, you can find it here on the More about me page. Otherwise, I hope the above reassures you that I am a real human being!

Simon Weldon
About me
About YOU & ME
Simon Weldon can give you personal finacial advice

Weldons is and always will be about offering a very personal service to its clients, whether that be individuals or corporate entities and trusts.  We will work together to arrive at an agreed strategy to achieve the best possible outcomes for you.

My ambition is to work with my clients over the long term and to build a strategy to deliver your personal lifestyle ambitions and corporate objectives.  The long term nature of the relationship means that as well as setting things up for you, regular reviews are built in to ensure any agreed strategy remains on track, and to accommodate any change in direction as life jumps out in front of you, whether that be at personal or corporate level!

So if you're looking for a one off piece of advice, then Weldons is probably not the best place to come.  If you recognise that it isn't a one off piece of advice that you need, but something that will develop into a long term professional relationship focused on your objectives, then please write, email or call. I will always pick up the phone and would be delighted to chat.

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